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Sales, J B
Death Certificate 26747 
September 3, 1924 
C B Martin 
J B Sales, age 15, son of E and Julia Sales was born in Clay County, GA. He did farm work. He died instantly on September 2, 1924 when he was struck by lightening. He was buried in Mt Calvary Church Cemetery. True: Mike Sales of Fort Gaines, GA
Collier, Charley Dora
Death Certificate 22712 
February 18, 1920 
C B Mobley, Palmetto, GA 
Charley Dora Collier, age 1, of Coweta County, GA, was born August 15, 1919 in Coweta County, son of Charlier Collier and Minnie Brooster of Coweta County. He died August 18, 1920, no physicaian attending in Coweta County. He was buried in Morning Star Cemetery. True: Claude Price
Americus Times-Recorder 
Thursday, December 21, 1995 
C C Hall Funeral Home 
Funeral services for Mrs. Rebecca Fuller of Fitzgerald, GA will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, December 23, 1995 from the Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Wilcox County, GA. Reverend I B Herman will officiate. Burial will follow in the church Cemetery. Aunt Becky, as she was called, was 100 years old and the mother of 17 birth children and 15 children she raised from her second marriage. Seventeen of the children survive her. Local relatives include: Ms Rosa Fuller Erving, Ms Emma L Brooks, Mr.. William Fuller, Ms Linda Williamson, Ms Brenda Williams, Ms Gladys Roberts, Mr.. Lance Williamson and Mr.. Keith Erving.
Hobbs, Hannah Mrs
Death Certificate 20592 
July 9, 1925 
C D Dudley & Son, Dublin, GA 
Mrs Hannah Hobbs, 58, of Dublin, GA was born in 1867 in Hancock County, GA, daughter of Wyatt Haynes of Hancock County, and Sarah of North Carolina. She died of paralysis, no medical attendance. She was buried in William Chapel Cemetery. True: R W Haynes of Dublin, GA
Blue, Eddie Lee Sr
Selma Times-Journal 
January 2004 
C D Dudley Memorial Chapel 
Eddie Lee Blue Sr of Dublin, GA, died Saturday, January 4, 2004. Funeral services will be held at noon, Saturday, January 10, 2004at C D Dudley Memorial Chapel. Bishop K Blue will officiate. Burial will be in Dudley Memorial Cemetery in Dublin. Survivors include a son, Eddie Lee Blue Jr of Brooklyn, NY; 2 daughters, Tonia Shelton and Tomekia Blue of Selma, AL; a son in law, Clarence Shelton and 7 grandchildre, Tia'Yanna Shelton, Ty'Keyia Shelton, Tera Blue, Denzel Blue, Clarence BLue, Anthony Rhodes and Shamekqua Rhodes; 3 brothers, Bennie Blue, Roosevelt Blue and Henry Lee Blue jr; 2 sisters, Ruby BLue Smith, Annie Pigatt; sister in law, Margie Gains. He was born July 28, 1943 in Bartow, FL, last of 8 children born to Pearlie Mae and Henry Lee Blue Sr. He worshiped at FUll Gospel Holiness Church. He and Nancy Bennett were married May 15, 1970. He was a veteran.
Allnson, Jessie Jr
Death Certificate 9461 
October 10, 2008 
C E Soddard, Reynolds, GA 
Jessie Allnson Jr, 1 month old, of Garden Valley, GA, was born in February, 1920 in Macon County, GA, son of Jessie Allnson of Macon County and Nettie Jones of Taylor County, GA. He died March 23, 1920. Burial was on the Hick's Place. Signed: Jno Burch, Notary Public, Reynolds, GA
Holt, William
Death Certificate 11084 
May 1922 
C H Hutchins & Son Funeral Home 
William Holt of 214 Forsyth Street, Macon, GA, was born July 4, 1878 in Bolinbroke, GA, son of Calvin Holt and Lucy Howard Holt. He was a laborer for the city of Macon, GA. He died May 18, 1922 in Macon of nephritis. He was buried in Bolinbroke. Survivors include his wife, Elnora.
Brooks, Hamp
Death Certificate 7089 
June 11, 1919 
C H Hutchins, Macon, GA 
Hamp Brooks, 50, of Montezuma, GA, was a farmer and husband of Jewell Brooks. He died of a ruptured appendix on June 10, 1919 . True: C Brady
Brown, Essie B
Death Certificate 14523 
June 10, 1927 
C Harrison, Montezuma, GA 
Essie B Brown, 24, of Montezuma, GA, was born in Macon COunty, GA, daughter of Bud Beson Martin and Dinah Felton of Macon County. She was single and died at home on June 9, 1927. She was buried in Harrison Cemetery. True: Jack Hall of Montezuma, GA
Fudge, Cager
Death Certificate 10372 
August 14, 1919 
C Hutchings & Sons 
Cager Fudge, 45, of Macon, GA, was born in Ashburn, GA. He was a taxi driver and husband of Callie Fudge. He died of gall bladder problems on August 13, 1919 in Macon and was buried in Ashburn.
Biggers, John T
Death Certificate 1240 
October 11, 2008 
C J Allen Funeral Home 
John T Biggers, 21, of Shack, Chattahoochee County, GA, was born in July 1897, son of William Biggers. He was single and a farmer. He died of pneumonia on November 7, 1918 in Shack. Dr Huie He was buried in Shack Cemetery. Signed: Carvis Hollis of Shack Georgia
Smith, Mark Anthony
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 
August 2004 
C J Edwards Funeral Home, Fort Valley, GA 
Mark Anthony Smith, 28, died Sunday, August 15, 2004 at Houston Medical Center in Fort Valley, GA. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Friday, August 20, 2004 at St Peter A.M.E. Church in Fort Valley GA. He was a 1994 graduate of Peach County High School and matriculated at Fort Valley State University where he was a middle grades education major. He was a member of St Peter A.M.E. Church and was a mental health technician at Macon Behavior Health System. Survivors include his wife, Portia Lindsey Smith of Fort Valley, a son, Mark Anthony Jr of Fort Valley and daughter, Lashone Smith of Macon, GA; his mother, Loretta Daniely Smith of Fort Valley and his father, Presiding Elder Elijah Smith, Sr; stepmother, Janet Smith of Americus, sisters, Audrey Diamond of Newnan, GA and Sonja Smith of College Park, GA; brothers, Elijah Smith, Jr of Fort Valley and Reverend Richard A Smith of Augusta, GA; 3 stepsisters, Lashaunda Thomas, Valecia Sales and D’ete Coley and his mother and father in law, Larry and Beverly Lindsey.
Davis, Josie
Death Certificate 1245 
October 13, 2008 
C L Allen Funeral Home 
Josie Davis, 1, of cusseta Georgia was born in 1916 in Shack, Chattahoochee County, GA, son of Charlie Davis and Josie Peterson. He died of influenza on October 31, 1918 and was buried in Shack, GA. Signed: Asa Peterson of Shack, GA
Jackson, William
Death Certificate 1247 
October 13, 2008 
C L Allen Funeral Home 
William Jackson, 24, of Shack, Chattahoochee County, GA, was born in Alabama, son of Alex and Lorrana Jackson. He was a farmer. He died of influenza on November 9, 1918 in Shack and was buried in Chattahoochee County. Signed: James Stafford of Shack, GA
Chatman, Richard
Death Certificate13497 
October 10, 2008 
C L Torbert, Columbus, GA 
Richard Chatman, 80, of Manta, Chattahoochee County, GA, was born in Virginia (parents not listed). He was a widower and a planter. He died May 2, 1923 in Chattahoochee County (no doctor) and was buried in the Manta Cemetery. Signed: Robert Chatman of Columbus, GA
Brown, Mattie Lou
Death Certificate 23874 
September 30, 1922 
C M Clements, Buena Vista, GA 
Mattie Lou Brown, age 10, of Tazewell, GA, was born in April 1912 in Marion County, GA, daughter of Shaw Brown and Patsy Griffin. She died of malaria on September 30, 1922 in Tazewell and was buried in Fellowship Church Cemetery. True: Shaw Brown of Buena Vista, GA
Hobbs, Ike
Death Certificate 9338 
March 8, 1925 
C M Paley, Thomaston, GA 
Ike Hobbs, 78, of Thomaston, GA, was born in Georgia (parents not listed). He was a farmer and the husband of Lizzie Hobbs. He died of senility on March 7, 1925 in Thomaston and was buried in Fellowship Cemetery in Upson County, GA. True: W D Owens of Thomaston, GA
Hobbs, Eddie Ray
Death Certificate 3559 
January 25, 1923 
C M Pasley & Ston, Thomaston, GA 
Eddie Ray Hobbs, age 1, was born in Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia, son of Nep Hobbs and Estelle Goode. He died of pneumonia on January 22, 1923 and was buried in Fellowship Cemetery. True: Nep Hobbs of Thomaston, GA
Hobbs, Gladys Louise
Death Certificate 14261 
September 15, 1919 
C M Pasley, Thomaston, GA 
Gladys Louise Hobbs, age 2, was born January 5, 1917 in Thomaston, Upson County, GA, daughter of Nep Hobbs and Lillar Good. She died of pneumonia on September 14, 1919 in Thomaston and was buried in Midway Cemtery in Upson County, GA. True: Nep Hobbs of Thomaston, GA
Collier, Dock
Death Certificate 31604 
December 4, 1923 
C S Tondee, Cordele, GA 
Dock Collier, 65, of Cordele, GA, died of burns on November 2, 1923 in Cordele. He was buried in Bethel Cemetery. True: C S Tondee, 407 9th Avenue, Cordele, GA
Sales, Estella Mrs
Death Certificate 12706 
September 8, 1919 
C V Morris & Son, Fort Gaines, GA 
Mrs Estella Sales, 25, was born in Clay County, GA, daughter of John Smith and Mary Mallard of Clay County. She was the wife of Tom Sales. She died October 5, 1919 at home in Clay County and was buried in Mt Calvary Cemetery. True: John Smith of Fort Gaines, GA
Hobbs, James
Death Certificate 16313 
June 26, 1922 
C W Pasley, Thomaston, GA 
James Hobbs, age 10, of Thomaston, GA, was born in Georgia, son of Rob and Lizzie Hobbs. He was a student and died of pneumonia on June 25, 1922 in Upson County, GA. He was buried in Fellowship Cemetery. True: Rob Hobbs of Thomaston, GA
Dowell, Anna Brown Mrs
Death Certificate 14172 
October 13, 2008 
C W Stockdale 
Mrs Anna Brown Dowell, 26, of Cusseta, GA, was born in Georgia, daughter of Mr and Mrs Gus Brown. She was a housekeeper and was the wife of Charlie Dowell. She died (homicide - stabbed in her neck with a knife) on May 5, 1924. She was buried in Jone's Cemetery. Signed: Charlie Dowell of Cusseta, GA
Hobbs, George
Death Certificate 18457 
July 24, 1921 
C Wilkinson 
George Hobbs, 49, of Schley County, GA, was born December 15, 1871 in Georgia, son of Jack and Mollie Hobbs. He was a farmer, was married (wife not listed). He died of paralysis on July 24, 1921 in Schley County and was buried there. True: Andrew Hobbs
Alexander, Joe
Death Certificate 8843 
October 11, 2008 
Cannot Dechiper 
Joe Alexander, 74, of Cusseta, GA, was born in Alabama. He was married and was a farmer. He died April 24, 1922 in Cusseta, GA of arterial selrosis. Survivors include his wife, Jennie. He was buried in Cusseta. Signed: Stella McLester of Cusseta, GA.
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