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Adams, Ernest
Death Certificate 6402 
February 8, 1923 
cannot decipher 
Ernest Adams, age 2, of Dawson, GA, was born July 17, 1920 in Terrell County, GA, son of Sermon Adams of Houston County, GA and Rachel Rachney of Dooly County, GA. He died of pneumonia on February 8, 1923 in Dawson and was buried in Sardis Cemetery. True: Sermon Adams
Askew, Antie
Death Certificate 4899 
February 15, 1926 
Cannot decipher 
Antie Askew, 81, of Stewart County, GA died February 11, 1926 in Stewart County. He was the widower of Fannie Askew. No other kin were listed. True: Costh Askew of Lumpkin, GA
Barber, Marshal
Death Certificate 22328 
October 11, 2008 
Cannot decipher 
Marshall Barber, 65, of Chattahoochee County, GA, was born in 1856 in Georgia, son of Samuel and Sallie Barber. He was married (wife not listed) and was a day laborer. He died of paralysis on September 26, 1921 in Cusseta, GA and was buried there. Signed: Cindy Barber of Cusseta, GA
Belvin, Jack
Death Certificate 2501 
February 9, 1923 
cannot decipher 
Jack Belvin, 70, of Marshallville, GA was born in Georgia. He was a laborer and was the husband of Henrietta. He died January 21, 1923 in Marshallville of metral regurgitation and was buried there. True: J E Hoslom Jr of Marshallville, GA
Bivins, Zack
Death Certificate 2264 
January 5, 1922 
Cannot decipher 
Zack Bivins, 46, of ellaville, GA, was born in Georgia, son of Anderson and Nancy Bivins. He was a laborer and a widower (wife not listed). He died of pneumonia on January 4, 1922 in Ellaville. True: Tom Brown of ellaville, GA
Brown, Drucilla
Death Certificate 8762 
April 9, 1923 
cannot decipher 
Drucilla Brown, 35, of Marshallville, GA, married and wife of Doc Brown, died of cancer on March 20, 1923 in Marshallville. She was buried in St Louis Church cemetery. True: J E Hosto, JP
Collier, Allie Mrs
Death Certificate 12035 
April 1, 1925 
cannot decipher 
Allie Collier, 57, of Pike County, GA, was born on January 10, 1868 in Pike County, daughter of James I and Harriett Roberts, both of Pike County. She was married (husband not listed) and was a domestic. She died April 1, 1925 in Pike County and was buried in Robeerts Cemetery. True: W B Collier of Concord, GA
Collier, C T
Death Certificate 09449 
April 18, 1926 
cannot decipher 
C T Collier, 40, of Atlanta, GA, was born in Georgia, son of P W Collier and Ida Hollis, both of Georgia. He was a laborer and a widower (wife not listed). He died April 10, 1926 in Atlanta of heart disease and edema of his lungs. He was buried in Griffin, GA. True: P W Collier, Griffin, GA
Collier, Infant Female
Death Certificate 27852 
October 18, 1925 
cannot decipher 
Infant Female Collier, stillborn daughter of Ollie May Collier of Pike County, GA was born and died October 17, 1925 in Lamar County, GA. She was buried in Piedmont. True: Walter Light of RFD, Brille, GA
McGlochlin, Roena
Death Certificate 6361 
March 10, 1923 
cannot decipher 
Roena McGlochlin, 8, of Mauk, GA, was born in Mauk, daughter of John McGlochlin. She died January 14, 1923 of pneumonia and was buried in Mauk. True: R M Jinks of Mauk, GA
Walton, Mollie
Death Certificate 11889 
April 20, 1925 
cannot decipher 
Mollie Walton, 45, of Upatoi, GA, was born in Talbot County, GA, daughter of Willie Walton and Joe Ann Culpepper of Harris County, GA. She was single and was a farm laborer. She died of organic heart disease in Upatoi and was buried in Riley Cemetery. True: C E Jenkins, Notary Public, Upatoi, GA
Kimbrough, Mrs Lillie
Death Certificate 9661 
April 8, 1920 
cannot decipher, Box Springs, GA 
Mrs Lillie Kimbrough, 30, of Upatoi, GA, was born July 11, 1889 in Harris County, GA, daughter of Gus Watson of Harris County and Georgia Lucas Watson of Talbot County, GA. She was a farm laborer and was the wife of Monroe Kimbrough. She died March 25, 1920 in Upatoi of pellagra and was buried near Upatoi. True: Gus Watson of Ellerslie, GA
Asberry, Mary E Mrs
Death Certificate 4398 
October 10, 2008 
Cannot Identify 
Mrs Maey E Asberry, 38, of Montezuma, GA, was born in 1888 in Macon, GA, daughter of Mary J Porter. She died February 12, 1926 of the flu in Montezuma. Cannot read place of burial. signed: Rosa Lee Burkes of Montezuma, GA. (husband, father not listed)
Baldwin, Henry
Death Certificate 30556 
October 10, 2008 
Cannot Identify 
Henry Baldwin, 67, of Macon County, Georgia was born in 1860. He was a farmer. He died of Bright's disease on December 14, 1927 in Macon County. He was married (wife not listed). Signed: M Felton Hatcher of Marshallville, GA
Banks, Robert
Death Certificate 26234 
October 10, 2008 
Cannot Identify 
Robert Banks, 35, of Marshallville, GA, was born in 1886 in Mashallville, son of John Banks. He was married (wife not listed) and a carpenter. He died November 9, 1921 in Marshallville of Bright's Disease. He was buried in Marshallville Cemetery. Signed: G W Nelson of Marshallville, GA
Blue, George
Death Certificate 9325 
Cannot Identify 
George Blue was born in 1878 in South Carolina. He was a laborer. He died March 30, 1927 in South Nellieville, Richmond County, GA. Cause of death: appoplexy. Survivors include his wife, Martha.
Blue, Volley Valentine
Death Certificate 15458 
May 1920 
Cannot Identify 
Volley Valentine Blue was born January 14, 1865 in Marion County, GA, son of Lewis Blue and Sylvia Denson Blue. He was a farmer and sharecropper. He died June 14, 1920 in Tazewell, Marion County, GA. He was buried in Cedar Creek Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery in Schley County, GA. Cause of death: paralysis. Survivors include his wife, Mrs Ella Major Blue; children, Nathaniel Blue, Stauboard Blue and A M Blue.
Holt, Arthur Jr
Death Certificate 12506 
May 1921 
Cannot Identify 
Arthur Holt Jr was born June 10, 1905 in Muscogee County, GA. He died May 16, 1921 in Oglethorpe, Macon County, GA. Cause of death: tuberculosis. He was a farm laborer.
Holt, Jack
Death Certificate 5125 
February 1926 
Cannot Identify 
Jack Holt, son of John Holt, was born in 1859 in Georgia. He was a farmer. He died February 17, 1926 in Thomaston, Upson County, GA. Cause of death: appoplexy; bright's disease. He was buried in Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery. Survivors include his wife, Frances.
Holt, Massie
Death Certificate10649 
April 1923 
Cannot Identify 
Massie Holt, daughter of Prentess Holt and Clara Walker Holt, was born Novbember 1, 1922 in Crawford County, GA. She dief of influenza with no physician attending on April 6, 1923. She was buried in Knoxville Cemetery.
Holt, Mattie Lowe Mrs
Death Certificate 27530 
October 1922 
Cannot Identify 
Mrs Mattie Lowe Holt, daughter of Tom Lowe and Laura Harp Lowe, was born in 1884 in Georgia. She died of yellow liver October 27, 1922 in Thomaston, Upson County, GA. Survivors include her husband, Pierce Holt and a daughter, Lizzie Holt.
Holt, Nettie Tucker Mrs
Death Certificate 26366 
October 1922 
Cannot Identify 
Mrs Nettie Tucker Holt, wife of Sam Holt and daughter of Anthony Tucker, was born in 1875 in Harris County, GA in 1875. She died of tuberculosis on October 29, 1922 in Harris County.
Holt, Olse
Death Certificate 16386 
November 1919 
Cannot Identify 
Olse Holt was born July 30, 1918 in Georgia and died of dysentery on November 8, 1919 in DeSoto, GA. Parents cannot be identified.
Holt, William
Death Certificate 10341 
August 1919 
Cannot Identify 
William Holt was born in 1862 in Bibb County, GA, son of Edmond holt and Millie Ringwood Holt. He was a saw mill worker. He died of tuberculosis August 22, 1919 in Macon, Bibb County, GA.
L C Holt
Death Certificate 14971 
June 1926 
Cannot Identify 
L C Holt was born March 30, 1926 in Bronwood, GA. He died June 30, 1926 in Lee County, GA. Cause of death: malnutrition, bottle fed with no disease. He was buried in Bethlehem Cemetery. Father deceased. Parents are not identified.
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